About us

Welcome to the pets’ party for Interactive pets’ products and training sessions both online and in-person for all pets. Here you will get the collections for man's best friend. Here you can find anything you will need for your pet, supplies, accessories, and the best toys. Also, we have smart and interactive toys for your pet's curiosity. We are lucky to have the opportunity to welcome you to the pets’ party.

Get to know us at thepetsparty.com the place where the pets' quality of life is our responsibility.  Come let's better the life of our pet animals of all kinds. The Pets products provider.

The Pets party is an online platform with the mission to provide a better life to any kind of animal through products and training sessions. We sell products that make pets' lives better without causing harm to them. The platform is inspired by the love for animals of kinds of our founder Georgia Balatsi.

Our founder Georgia Balatsi has loved pet animals that have inspired us to set up the platform to help others of the similar vision of better lives for all kinds of animals. Our mission is to provide a better life to any kind of animal, to be honest, our hearts belong to our pets, and we love them all. The goal is to help pets owners to buy the best pet products at the lowest prices possible and give them training advice. We cooperate with positive dog trainers, and they train dogs both online and in person.

 The love for pets especially dogs is shown in the caring for the dogs Aiza and Nirvana. The pets that she cared for deeply, although she was heartbroken when Nirvana dead in 2018 after suffering from kidney failure and coupled with heart. The love for pets did not stop. This has inspired her to set up the company as a platform to provide the best products for the love of the best companion of man.

Come shop with us at the pet party for the provision of the best pets’ products and training services, for quality products and training services. We offer scientifically and socially the best pet products. Our products and services promote better lives for our animals and also, they are environmentally friendly.

Our services costs are customer friendly and convenient. Customer conveniences are always maintained through our customer support in both in-person and online services. Customer satisfaction is our priority at all times.